DDR4 vs DDR5 – why you should upgrade to DDR5?

Officially announced in July 2020, the DDR5 SDRAM-standard update over DDR4 will improve performance and effectiveness. However, DDR5 also presents new design challenges for semiconductor producers and producers of motherboards. How do I handle DDR5 RAM? This is a practice, even if you have a problem with this article.This article will not be too slow … Read more

Best Wireless EARBUDS for 2021

1. Lenovo LivePods LP1 Waterproof/sweatproof user-friendly systems designed, convenient to wear, and not falling. Stylish portable charging box for charging earphones. The case looks like the 20 dollars price point, but at least it’s thin enough to let it slide into any pocket. The weight of the earbuds is 0.42 kg. Lenovo LivePods LP1 has … Read more